China Is Promoting The New Industrial Revolution In The Steel Industry

- Sep 29, 2017 -

At present, the world economy is still in the depth of the adjustment period, the global mining industry downturn trend, mineral trade and mining investment fell significantly. At the 14th China Coking Technology and Coke Market International Conference, Wang Liqun, vice president of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, pointed out that China's steel industry in the face of the new economic pressures and excess capacity pressure, the need to build a harmonious and sustainable steel industry chain. However, the current situation of the entire steel industry chain oversupply will continue, demand decline, production decline, the price downturn, the decline in efficiency in the short term will not fundamentally change.

The steel industry has entered the depth of the reform period

Wang Liangqun, vice president of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, 2016, with the slowdown in economic growth, demand weakened, steel demand for more and more obvious, the output was down trend; industry benefits to the better, balanced development of the steel industry chain The iron and steel enterprises are accelerating the implementation of structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading for the future development of China's steel industry laid the foundation for the healthy development.

Wang Liqun said that China's economy into the depth of adjustment, steel, coal must adapt to new situations, new changes in the new environment, the new platform to achieve a new balance to the appropriate speed, the appropriate way, higher efficiency, more Good quality, continue to maintain a healthy, steady development of the state. The face of the same external environment, the iron and steel industry chain on either side can not be long "free", the industry chain is an inevitable trend of cooperation. Therefore, the steel industry stakeholders should lay down short-term interests, starting from the height of the industrial chain construction, and the upstream and downstream enterprises to form a real benefit-sharing, risk-sharing long-term stable cooperative relations.

       China Iron and Steel Industry Association Party Secretary, Secretary-General Liu Zhenjiang pointed out that at present, China's steel industry has entered the depth of the reform period, which is China's steel industry to "big and strong" goal of an important strategic adjustment. China's steel industry from the scale to the quality and efficiency of change, to speed up the steel industry supply and demand balance, promote transformation and upgrading, this series of issues need to have a strategic high degree of new knowledge, new technology, new ideas support, experts from all walks of life , Enterprise elites and so on for a long time, extensive discussion and demonstration.

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