Classification Of Construction Steel

- Sep 23, 2017 -


The general length of the rebar is 9m, 12m, 9m long thread is mainly used for road construction, 12m long thread is mainly used for bridge construction. Thread specifications are generally in the range of 6-50mm, the country allows a deviation. Threaded according to the strength of HRB335, HRB400, HRB500 with three models.

2.round steel

As the name suggests, round steel is a circular section of the solid long strip of steel, divided into hot rolling, forging and cold pull three. Round steel has a lot of material, for example: 10 #, 20 #, 45 #, Q215-235, 42CrMo, hot rolled round steel specifications for the 5.5-250 mm, 5.5-25 mm is a small round bar, Bundles are supplied for use as rebars, bolts and various mechanical parts; round bars greater than 25 mm are mainly used for the manufacture of mechanical parts or for seamless steel tubes.


Wire common types of sub-Q195, Q215, Q235 three, but the construction of steel with only Q215, Q235 two, generally used specifications are diameter 6.5mm, diameter 8.0mm, diameter 10mm, China's largest wire rod can be reached Diameter 30mm. In addition to wire used as a reinforced concrete reinforcement, but also for wire drawing, wire with wire.


Pan screw is like a wire rods together with the rebar, is a kind of steel construction. Rebar is widely used in a variety of building structures, the advantages of screw and screw compared to the rebar is: only 9-12 rebar, the disk can be used according to the need for arbitrary interception.

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