Development Of Ship Plate Of Japanese Iron And Steel Company

- Oct 09, 2017 -

 In 2006, the Japanese steel companies for the market demand, focus on the expansion of high-level ship plate and other high value-added products, and in the development of high-strength ship plate to play their own technical and technical characteristics, the development of a variety of marine steel.

1 JFE's "NAC5" corrosion resistant steel plate

In order to prevent the corrosion of the acid gas to the crude oil tanker, JFE has developed a corrosion resistant steel "NAC5" that uses this steel for the upper deck, which reduces the amount of corrosion by 10% compared to existing steel. Years or more; not painted "NAC5" for the floor, can reduce the amount of corrosion of 15%, pitting corrosion in the 1/120 below.

2, JFE's high fatigue properties of steel (JFE-AFD)

The high fatigue properties of the steel plate (JFE-AFD) is a steel plate with excellent crack propagation resistance. The main means to achieve crack propagation resistance is: first, the grain is refined by the Super-OLAC technology with high cooling speed; As much as possible to disperse the hard second phase, thereby increasing the fatigue life of the ship.

3, Kobe company high-strength ship plate

(1), large-line energy hull structure with high-strength ship plate

Can be adapted to today's 8000TEU-10000TEU super-large container ship steel requirements, Kobe developed a large line of energy YP355-390 MPa class (plate thickness <= 65 mm), YP460 MPa class (plate thickness <= 55 mm) hull structure Steel, line energy were 35 ~ 48kJ / mm and 25 ~ 37kJ / mm.

(2), low temperature steel FH355 MPa development

Kobe has also developed a low temperature sea area LNG marine FH355 MPa grade steel, the line energy of 40kJ / mm.

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