Protective Measures For Corrosion Of Marine Steels

- Jun 20, 2017 -

1. Corrosion-resistant materials: At present, the main corrosion resistant materials used in the hull are hull structure steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy.

2. Surface modification: Simple corrosion-resistant materials can not meet the needs of today, in order to further improve the hull material corrosion resistance and use, it is often through surface technology to form ceramic layer, Ni-base alloy, titanium alloy and other corrosion-resistant protective layer, or to internal infiltration or diffusion of carbon, nitrogen, boron, tantalum and other elements to form corrosion-resistant layers, improve the corrosion resistance of materials.

3. Coating protection: Coating protection is one of the most important measures in the protection of hull material at present, it is the material which is sprayed, lined or coated with a layer of corrosion resistance and good barrier in the surface of the hull material, so that the surface of the hull material is isolated from the corrosive media, thus achieving the corrosion

4. Sacrificial anode: Sacrificial anode protection method is the use of electrochemical principle, by the active metal (zinc, aluminum, etc.) in the seawater medium and protected materials constitute electrical connection, itself as the anode is accelerated corrosion, so that the protection of materials become cathode and protected.

5. Cathodic protection: cathodic protection is recognized as a more economical and effective method to control the corrosion of Hull materials, which is usually combined with surface modification and coating protection technology.

6. Antifouling Coatings: Anti-Sea biological corrosion is often known as sea biological fouling, a long time people have used chemical, physical (magnetic field, electronics), biological, mechanical and other methods of anti-fouling, the most common is coated antifouling paint.

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