Shipboard Knowledge Introduction

- Sep 26, 2017 -

Shipboard classification:

China Classification Society CCS, American Bureau of Shipping ABS, France Classification Society BV, DNV DNV, German Classification Society GL, Korea Classification Society KR, British Classification Society LR, Japan Classification Society NKK, Italy Association of RINA, Greek Classification Society.

 At this stage, the classification of steel and quality requirements of national classification societies tend to be unified, and only some of the provisions of the existence of a small difference. Common plate steel plate (abbreviated, and specific steel writing there is a certain difference), the general plate: A, B, D, E, the yield strength is greater than 235N / mm ^ 2. B, D, E represents the impact resistance at 20 ° C, -20 ° C and -40 ° C. The A-class ship plate in the shipboard is close to the Q235A shipboard in the B-class ship plate is closer to the Q235B shipboard in the D-class ship plate is closer to the Q235D shipboard in the E-class ship board is relatively close to Q235E senior ship plate: A32, D32, E32, A36, D36, E36, A40, D40, E40. Wherein A, D, E, F are at 0 °, -20 °, -40 °, and - 60 ° low temperature performance.

The 32-stage shipboard in the ship's board should be between Q275 and Q345, yield 275 under Q275, and yield 315 on shipboard 345, and 32 on Q345 (closer to Q295). Corresponding relationship is similar to the following 36 and 40 boat plates. 36-class ship plate corresponds to Q345, the A36-class ship plate in the ship plate is close to the Q345C shipboard in the D36-class ship plate is close to the Q345D shipboard in the E36-class ship plate is close to the Q345E 40 ship plate corresponding to the Q390 ship plate A40-class ship plate is close to the Q390C shipboard D40-class ship plate is relatively close to the Q390D shipboard in the E40-class ship plate closer to the Q390E.

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