What Is The Material Of The CCSB Board?

- Jun 20, 2017 -

CCSB Ship Board is a Class B ship board certified by China Classification Society, not a particular material. Specific materials depending on the intensity level, the main materials are: #, $number, $number, $number, 20G, 16Mn, 27SIMN, 15crmo, 35crmo, Cremo, 40CR, 10 rmo910, 12 R1mov, 12crmov, A335p22, D240, D250, N80, 15MNV, A335p91, 30crmnsi and so on.

The structural steels of ship hull are divided into the strength level according to the minimum yield point: general strength structural steels and high-strength structural steels. The ship board refers to the hot rolled steel plate produced by the Classification Society for the construction of the hull structure. The general strength of the standard of China Classification Society steel is divided into: A, B, D, e four quality grade (namely CCSA, CCSB, CCSD, CCSE); China Classification Society standard high-strength Structural steel is three strength grade, four quality grade.

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