Hardox 500 Wear Resistant Steel

Hardox 500 Wear Resistant Steel

High Quality Wear Steel Plate Hardox 500

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Hardox 500 can be used to manufacture the highest quality equipment and spare parts, maximize their service life, minimize the risk of failure and maximize production capacity. Imported wear-resistant plates can be used to manufacture buckets, loaders, dump trucks, crushers, flour separators, chutes and various wear-resistant liners. Wear-resistant steel sheets can withstand any form of wear from a variety of rocks, sand and gravel. Imported wear-resistant sheets have good machinability, so that you can easily produce or customize your spare parts.

Hardox 500 have excellent weldability, impact strength and flexural properties.

Its most outstanding feature is its high hardness and toughness at the same time, and despite its high hardness, it can withstand severe wear and tear. It is very suitable for working in strong wear environment, such as high strength ores and corrosive materials.

It is generally used in extremely severe wear situations and is mainly used to replace cast steel and chromium alloy steel.

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